Comporta Guide

Comporta Guide

The seemingly untouched paradise of Comporta is located just an hour south of Lisbon. Upon arrival, it feels you’re in a completely different world. Ranges of pines and wild flowers line the roadway, and eclectic villages lead you to some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches of Europe.


Here our favorite hotspots:

Jacaré Da Comporta

Jacaré da Comporta is the place to be in Comporta with Italian food and a cool vibe. The pizzas are prepared in a wood oven, the pastas are freshly prepared and the risottos are irresistible. Jacaré is also worth a visit at night, offering great cocktails in its bar with lively music.


Inside what was once stables in Comporta, you’ll find this modern and energetic restaurant. The food speaks for itself, but the staff and the environment make it truly special. The chargrilled free‑range chicken and dry aged beef are a must.

Lagoa ó Mar

At the beach near Melides you’ll find Lagoa o Mar. A nice place for beach food such as salads, burgers, tostadas, drinks and a general relaxing time. Probably the best sunset on the Alentejo coast.

AlmaLusa Hotel

Location, location, location. Smack bang in the centre of the town of Comporta, AlmaLusa puts you in a privileged position to enjoy the location’s restaurants, shops and – of course – the beach. A more affordable option in a prime location, it’s just ticking many of the boxes.

    Gomes Espumantaria & Jardins

      Maybe it’s the quality, maybe it’s the flowers, maybe it’s the delicious food that makes us keep coming back. Gomes Espumantaria & Jardins is a beautiful place filled with wonderful and delicious delights. And just around the corner they have the cutest bakery, if you want to take home fresh bread , croissants and sweet treats.

      Sublime Beach

      The fresh seafood, smiling faces and delicious menu keep us coming back for more. The cocktails are delicious, the wine list has an option for every mood, and the seafood doesn’t get fresher. Be sure to sit outside in the sun and watch the waves from your table.

      Almo Comporta

      In the town of Comporta, Almo café is a must‑visit. A brunch favourite, but with a wonderfully unusual menu including tomatada Alentejo, local cheese, choux dough filled with duck and some of the best octopus you’ll find in Portugal.

      Quinta Da Comporta

      The 5 Star Wellness Boutique Resort ‘Quinta da Comporta’ will definitely set your heart aflutter.
      Designed by the Portuguese architect Miguel Câncio Martins this eco‑hotel offers guests an original and exceptional getaway, as it was built in regard to sustainable aspects.

      Cavalos na Areia

      Feel like a star on an exclusive horseback ride across the sands of Comporta with the famed riding school Cavalos na Areia. This hidden gem is the destination of choice for many celebrities including Madonna, Shakira, Ronaldo and Nicolas Sarkozy.
      In summer the bar is open and you can enjoy a drink with live music.

      10 Sal Burger

      Part street food truck, part drive‑by diner, part barbeque in the park, Sal Burger is a summer dining spot for fun, fresh air and juicy burgers. Located in Carvalhal, it grills meat patties in an outdoor burger stand. Your meal comes in a basket. Dining is on picnic tables. What more could you want as you drive home from Pego beach.

      11 Sublime Hotel

      Set amongst the pine forests and sand dunes of Comporta is Sublime; a boutique hotel known for its idyllic setting, first‑class hospitality and away‑from‑it‑all atmosphere.

      12 Ilha do Arroz

      Lunch at Ilha do Arroz is a long laid‑back affair, starting at two or three o’clock and kicking off with an iced jug of white sangria, fizzing with espumante and sweet strawberries. Local cheeses are followed by calamari, tomato salad, clams in white wine and a steaming pot of coriander rice. This shouldn’t be missed when staying in Comporta.

      13 Gomes Casa de vinhos & petiscos

      If you’re looking for a bit more traditional Alentejo cuisine( it’s delicious ) then book into Gomes, where you can discover and share some impressive food like pork cheeks, handmade sausage, sardines and bean stew. Ask for recommendations on wine options ; it’s a sin to visit Comporta and not indulge in their best Alentejo wines.


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